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Find welding machine wholesale from a range of Chinese suppliers at Alibaba.com. Choose from many small and compact welding machine for easy portability around your workstation. These welders weigh 4kg to around 20kg, making them light enough to move around. They can be used on various metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum among others. Choose from different welding technologies, including metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), IGBT inverter, and manual metal arc (MMA) welding. Some welders will perform more than one task. For instance, you can use them as plasma cutters, TIG welders, and stick welders.

Each welding machine comes with an electrode holder, earth clamp, and a power cable. Plus, you can choose between the DC motor and the AC motor depending on your specific application. These welders operate on 110 to 380 volts with 50/60 HZ. This means, they can be used with most domestic power units. Output current can vary from 20 to 300A with powers of up to 8 KVA. The current level is indicated by the digital display unit on the welder. In case of excess power, an intelligent automatic switching chip detects the amount of voltage available and adjusts the settings to prevent over and under-voltage. It also protects the machines against overheating.

Most of these welders have an in-built arc force that automatically increases output current to create a stable output when the arc is too short. Hot start provides more current when starting the arc to prevent the electrode from sticking to the base metal. If you’re looking for a welding machine for your business or your home DIY welding, Alibaba.com has a wide variety of welders from Chinese wholesalers. Be sure to browse through the site to find a welding machine that might suit you.